Mickey Vershbow gets it. She has that special talent of connecting with people. You might describe her as being an “old soul” but I think that’s too trite. Mickey has that marvelous blend of youth and zeal combined with compassion, attention and understanding. These qualities carry over into her playing which is vibrant and probing as well as her teaching which is subtle yet urging. Mickey is a truly modern musician with forward vision and a reverence for her roots.
— Dean Johnston (Club d'Elf)
Berklee educated with the patience and understanding to find each students qualities and strengths; able to teach beginners and intermediate drummers at their own pace. After 5 weeks my daughter already sounds like a rock star and she couldn’t be any happier! I’m impressed!
— Albert P.
My overall experience is awesome! Great location, great price and the most important thing - a great learning experience. Mickey is a great drummer, patient teacher and a very cool person. I am definitely going back for more lessons. Highly recommend it to anyone interested.
— Sahin R.
I’ve been drumming since I was 12 (two decades now) and decided to get back into lessons to improve my chops and expand my repertoire. I’ve been taking lessons with Mickey for almost a year and have learned a TON. She is very thoughtful about the work we do when I’m in lessons and the work she wants me to practice on my own. Mickey also goes above and beyond and has come to one of my band’s shows to check out my drumming in a different scenario to better support me. I can’t say enough about Mickey. The environment is so chill and supportive. Check her out!
— Will R.
My thirteen year old daughter has been studying with Mickey for the past year. From working with her, her drumming ability has improved a lot. Mickey’s classes are challenging, fun and very inspiring. She’s a great teacher!
— Larry P.
Mickey’s fun and playful teaching style allows children to explore the world of music with curiosity and joy. Our (4 year old) son’s interest in music blossomed under Mickey’s guidance. She helped him develop a connection to music by incorporating his interests into the lessons, and he always looked forward to their time together.
— Heather C.
When my daughter was 4, she asked me if she could take drum lessons. After almost a year search I finally found Mickey —- the only person I could find who would take on a kid at that age. I was apprehensive because my daughter is extremely shy around adults and had never taken a private one-on-one class of any kind. But Mickey was great! She makes my daughter feel comfortable and balances the lesson with the fun. It’s hard to get a kid that age to focus, but man when she does she is really getting it! - and that’s all due to the patience and encouragement that Mickey provides.
— Karen G.
Trying something new at a not-so-young age can be very intimidating, especially if you have NO skills whatsoever. My instructor, Mickey, has been an inspiring, thoughtful and patient teacher and is all the reason I decided to continue with private lessons. If you are like me and personal hobbies take a back seat to work, Mickey is your gal. She gives you enough encouragement and practice material to work on in between lessons, and never makes you feel bad for not being able to keep a consistent schedule. Oh yea, and she’s an amazing drummer!
— Karen R.
Mickey is a very good teacher and if I had a different teacher, I wouldn’t be so psyched about drumming! She is very patient, especially when I try a hard drum beat. I wasn’t sure if I would like drumming but when Mickey became my teacher, I loved it!
— Juliette S.